Involuntary Churn​
From Good to Great:
Upgrading Your Subscription Performance
Learn how top performing subscription companies gained their industry-leading financial performance by increasing customer retention and LTV.  Increasing customer retention by reducing the cause of involuntary churn delivers the most profitable revenue growth for subscription companies. Our research validates that reducing failed payments and the involuntary churn it causes is the fastest, easiest, and most cost-effective path to earning top financial results.

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  • The relationship between involuntary churn reduction and financial performance uncovered by the 2023 Subscription Industry benchmark study​
  • ​The path to advancing financial performance and customer LTV from good to great
  • Involuntary Churn technology maturity curve​​


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AI-powered FinTech solution solving subscription
businesses biggest cause of subscription churn

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  • AI platform powered by decades of payments industry expertise

  • Trained on over 5B payment records, including risk factors

  • Creates unique recovery strategies for each failed payment, adapting to the hundreds of reasons payments fail

  • FlexPay clients recover up to 75% of failed payments

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  • Every recovered failed payment for subscription businesses saves a customer, not just single payments

  • Subscription customers continue to bill successfully after failed payment recovery, increasing LTV and generating months of additional revenue payments

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  • Invisible Recovery™ avoids customer exposure to failed payments and reduces the largest cause of indirect churn

  • Each recovered customer generates additional months of subscription billings, creating cumulative growth acceleration

  • FlexPay clients earn up to 33% additional annual revenue from FlexPay’s customer recovery performance

The Mission Critical Technology for Subscription Businesses
Top 3 insights you need to know about failed payments

It directly causes up to 48% of all customer churn
The cost impacts subscription businesses most heavily
banks falsely decline $443B worth of legitimate transactions annually

How it works

Merchants use FlexPay’s API to re-capture up to 75% of failed transactions

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losing customers and revenue from failed payments.

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FlexPay is the leading Payment Authorization Management solution, helping subscription businesses accelerate revenue and profit growth by recovering failed payments, which is the single largest cause of customer churn.