4 Critical Actions Subscription Businesses Need to Take Now as Inflation Soars

Subscription businesses have thrived during the pandemic as customers embraced the convenience and predictability of products and services, but with rising inflation subscription companies are faced with difficult decisions...... Complete the form to learn more

  • Understand the tough choices customers have to make with rising costs

  • Learn 4 ways subscription businesses can reduce customer losses accelerated by inflation

  • Understand how technology can reduce both voluntary and involuntary churn
How to Improve Subscriber Retention by Building Stronger Relationships

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AI-powered FinTech solution solving subscription
businesses biggest cause of subscription churn




  • AI platform powered by decades of payments industry expertise

  • Trained on over 5B payment records, including risk factors

  • Creates unique recovery strategies for each failed payment, adapting to the hundreds of reasons payments fail

  • FlexPay clients recover up to 75% of failed payments




  • Every recovered failed payment for subscription businesses saves a customer, not just single payments

  • Subscription customers continue to bill successfully after failed payment recovery, increasing LTV and generating months of additional revenue payments

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  • Invisible Recovery™ avoids customer exposure to failed payments and reduces the largest cause of indirect churn

  • Each recovered customer generates additional months of subscription billings, creating cumulative growth acceleration

  • FlexPay clients earn up to 33% additional annual revenue from FlexPay’s customer recovery performance



The Mission Critical Technology for Subscription Businesses

Top 3 insights you need to know about failed payments







How it works

Merchants use FlexPay’s API to re-capture up to 75% of failed transactions


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